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Exit Strategy

June - 2015


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Protection Detail

March - 2015


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Her Christmas Guardian

December - 2014

Mission: Rescue

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Dear Friends,

I sold STILL WATERS in December 2003. At that time, I made it my goal to sell nine more books within five years. I reached that goal and I have written over 30 books now. It's a blessing to write fiction that is edifying and uplifting, that tells stories of men and women who seek to know God better. I can't say it's always been easy, but being an author is definitely worth it. The truth is, when we go where God sends us and do what He asks we find joy. Trials and troubles aside, there is nothing more fulfilling than walking the path He has set before us.

Whatever your goals and dreams, I pray that you'll pursue them with God at the forefront of your mind. May His hand guide you as you strive to achieve what He's put on your heart.



Shirlee has branched out into a new market with Kensington Publishing with a new book series.

Look for her third book:

The Orchard At The Edge of Town

July 28, 2015

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